Different types of balafon

The balafon is an ancient West African instrument. It has been played for many centuries and may be the ancestor of more recent types of xylophones and marimbas.

In West Africa there are many different kinds of balafon, but the most common have either a five note or seven note scale. Usually the balafon has wooden keys, and calabash gourd resonators that hang underneath the keys.

The following photos show different types of instruments that you can use to play the patterns that you will learn in the Balafon Challenge.

Pentatonic Balafon (5-note scale)

Balafon on a table.png

Diatonic balafon (7-note scale)

Diatonic Balafon 600.png

Small wooden xylophone

Small Wooden Xylophone.png

Small metal xylophone

Small Metal Xylophone 600.jpg


Kalimba 600.png


Piano 600.png

Orff Style Marimba

Orff Marimba 600.jpg

Large metal xylophone

Large Metal Xylophone 600.jpg

Large concert marimba

Concert Marimba 600.jpg
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