Djembe Pattern #1 Play-Along Track

In this Play-Along Track, Amadou plays the first djembe pattern for the rhythm Dansa. First Weedie calls in Amadou using the call or "break". From there the pattern loops for you to play along.

Here is the pattern written out for you (right-handed version):

Djansa Djembe Accompaniment 1.png

Suggestion: Once you have learned the other patterns for Dansa, you can come back to this lesson and play a different part along with the Djembe Pattern #1 being played by Amadou in this video.

Through practicing playing the other patterns in the correct timing along with Djembe Pattern #1, you will be continually building your rhythmic skill set. This approach can really take your playing to the next level!

Remember: You can slow down the video at any time by using the gear icon.

Speed Image Infographic.png
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