What to expect in the Djembe Rhythms Power Pack course

Welcome to the Djembe Rhythms Power Pack with Weedie & Amadou!

This comprehensive course will guide you step-by-step in learning three popular West African rhythms:

  • Dunun G'be
  • Konkoba
  • Lamban (also known as Sandia)

For each rhythm, you will have the chance to learn the djembe patterns, bass drums parts, and check out a demo with solo phrases and bass drums played together.

In addition to the rhythm patterns, these lessons are filled with tips and advice about how to improve your drumming. In an outgoing and inspiring way, Weedie and Amadou will help carry you to the next level in your playing!

We highly recommend that you go through the lessons in order, because there is information in the earlier lessons that can help you to best understand the later lessons. At any point you can pause the lesson videos and "rewind".

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